Intégration au plan de conservation partagée de périodiques en philosophie

In June 2017, IHPST integrated the Plan de conservation partagée de périodiques en philosophie.

PCPP = Periodical shared conservation plan

Periodical shared conservation plans are designed to :

contribute to the mapping of research collections

facilitate researchers' access to periodical collections that are as complete and in the best possible state of preservation

to enable libraries to optimize their storage space, while at the same time freeing up new resources by reducing collection conservation costs through pooling.

The aim of the PCP Philo is to rationalize the acquisition, conservation and disposal of paper periodicals between libraries specializing in philosophy, or with significant holdings in philosophy. The aim is to establish cooperation between these establishments to safeguard collections in the field of philosophy.

At present, a small number of establishments (P1, P4, P7, P8, P10, BIS, BSG, Sciences Po) are taking part in the PCPP, representing a total of 19 structures.

Benefits of participating in PCP Philo

Building reference collections
The main aim of a PCP is to build up reference collections that are as complete and in good physical condition as possible. This means that when several establishments participating in the PCP have the same periodical collection, one or other of these establishments can transfer/exchange missing issues/ or copies in better physical condition in order to build up a complete collection in good condition. For exchanges, preference is given to establishments that can accommodate the largest number of people, that have the best conservation conditions, not only those that initially possess the most complete collections. Please note: no exchange or transfer is obligatory.

Organize weeding
Collaboration within a PCP makes it possible to organize weedings (=disposal of titles) in a concerted and selective way to free up storage space in a facility. In concrete terms, it's easier to know which institution already owns part or all of the collection, and in what physical condition, which makes it easier to choose which collections to divest in order to save space, and then to contact the institution most likely to receive the donation.

Enhancing collections
The PCP will be responding to the Collex Persée call for tenders (link is external) for funding to enhance periodical collections. The application is submitted by the lead institution (BIS), and brings together all the other applications from the various PCPP member institutions.

Catalogue en ligne du PCP Philo : ici